About Us

Change Incorporated is a media company owned by VICE Media Group. We are intent on creating a better world by addressing some of the very big challenges we all face today, and driving measurable behaviour change. 

The key to our approach is not only inspiring people to make simple changes in their daily lives that create a positive impact on our collective future, but also working with companies to change practices and better serve stakeholders, including future generations.


51% believe radically new systems are needed. 41% think corporations should lead the change. Only 13% believe they will.

Source: WolffOlins


We do this by creating content and campaigns based on Missions—urgent and addressable topics like single-use plastic, food waste, sustainable travel and tourism—that focus on education and how to make smarter decisions. 

VICE supports our core operation; individual Missions, however, are funded by global businesses and organisations that share our goals and allow us to maintain full editorial control.


Tomorrow is ours to define.

If you would like to give us feedback or suggest a topic we should address, please drop us a message at opinion@changeincorporated.com or use our contact page.

For any media inquiries, please reach out to us at press@changeincorporated.com or visit our media site.